indexing speed
retrieval time
accuracy at scale

Visual Intelligence API

eCommerce Performance
Instant Discovery & Personalization

Shazura understands visually your products - as consumers do

visual trending example

Image-based recommendations through fingerprints

  • Accurate from Day-1 (no cold start)
  • Training data not required
  • User-Fingerpints natural learning

fast launch


at scale

Visual Intelligence API

Operations Automatization
Content Curation & Categorizing

Shazura automate​s ​​visually ​​your ​assets management - as curators do

Visual learning

Dedupe Detection and QA through fingerprints

  • Instant curation and classification 
  • Training data not required
  • Manage & scale ever changing assets

no training

no labeling

only natural learning

What is a Shazura fingerprint?

What is a Shazura Fingerprint

image / video

no matter its complexity


unique mathematical algorithm

instant recognition

identifiable visual data

"Shazura’s Visual Intelligence is the leading AI for mimicking human visuals. Shazura’s natural learning fingerprints are accurate, fast, robust and extendable to all data."

"We clearly don't need all the labeled data."

"A real intelligence doesn’t break when you slightly change the problem."

Geoffrey Hinton - AI Pioneer and Google Researcher

"Our brain processes visuals 60,000x faster than words so why lead with AI based on words. Shazura has patented visual intelligence fingerprints that mirror the human 60,000x benchmark."

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Shazura: a more efficient way to search images

Our vision and mission is to…

lead the future of AI
mirror the human brain
fingerprint all data

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